Dedicated to Data



Ralf Zoetekouw

Study background: BSc and Msc Econometrics & Operations Research.

Talents: Getting value out of your data, using data to translate business challenges into strategic decisions.

Dedicated to data: Since I was a kid, I started to keep track of my tennis and soccer statistics in my notebook. This passion for data developed by entering it in Excel and analyzing it. I am happy that I can turn my hobby into my job!

Project with the biggest impact: Constructed a model for the Social Domain that predicts which households have a great chance of needing financial assistance in two years. This way, people are helped preventively and costs are saved. 

"Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them"


Ricardo van der Aa

Study background: BSc Applied Mathematics, MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Talents: Artificial Intelligence implementation (Python, R), Data visualisation (PowerBI), Process mining (Disco, ProM), Datawarehousing (SQL).

Dedicated to data: We want to help companies improve. Taking a step into a data driven society together where decisions are made based on intuition and quantitative knowledge. Let’s help each other into the future!

Project with the biggest impact: Visualising the cycle times of operations in a production line. Using the visualisation, we were able to identify the bottleneck in the process, which contributed to the decision of an investment of millions in new machines to resolve the bottleneck. 

"Feel the power of data!"

Bart Cleijsen

Studie background: BSc Economics and Business Economics.

Talents: My economic background combined with my PowerBI expertise.

Dedicated to data: Ensuring that companies have an overview of their essential data so that it can be acted on quickly and easily!

The reason I work at Datacation: Learn a lot in a dynamic team, apply the theory of the University in practice and get a lot of responsibilities in a professional atmosphere at the High Tech Campus.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step!"