Dedicated to Data




As an organization you are constantly developing strategies to grow, become more profitable, work more efficiently or offer better products and services. Big data analysis and optimization issues for value creation are important challenges for business continuity. In particular, production companies, local and regional authorities, healthcare institutions and utility companies collect data from consumers, transport or employees, but do not yet know how to use it in an optimal way. We make your business processes more transparent through data analysis, such that patterns and correlations are found that were previously not visible. This allows you to make the best decisions for the future.


An eager team of econometricians and data scientists is ready to help you with your big data, optimization and value creation challenges. Moreover, we have an international network of data scientists whom can flexibly be involved in our projects. We use the latest techniques to solve your challenges and add value to your business. Our strengths are open collaboration in co-creation, focusing on the right data from your company to create unique value, and helping translate the new insights into practical and concrete solutions. We strive for long-term professional relationships with our customers.


We are specialized in making the translation between business challenges and the associated data. Regarding the following three services, we focus on both the importance of the technical aspect and the impact of the solution:

  • Design of a data warehouse for optimal data management. We link the right data sources in the most efficient way (SQL).
  • Insight and visualisations of the data by means of BI Tools (Tableau and PowerBI).
  • Performing descriptive analysis & predictive analysis using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Python).