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Data-driven solutions

Data has emerged to the trend of the moment and is seen as the new gold. Data is everywhere and almost everything is registered and recorded, so that you as an organization are drown in the overflow of data. In recent years, organizations have collected data from their customers, processes and employees from various CRM or HRM systems. Collected data has a variety of structured and unstructured formats, unsuitable for traditional analysis tools such as Excel. This creates an enormous untapped potential in the field of innovation. Old business models are being challenged in this new data age. We notice that customers want to work data-driven, but they lack the knowledge and skills to do so and they do not know where to start. Additionally, customers often do not know what the impact of data-driven working will be on their organization and employees.

This is where Datacation provides solutions. We offer companies a helping hand to achieve the next step in the process of becoming a data-driven company. We are specialized in finding hidden data opportunities and analyzing data. This offers the opportunity to increase turnover, save costs, and therefore continuously creating value for your organization. Our goal is to make data-driven working accessible to all organizations. The way we achieve this is based on the following three steps:

  Develop a data strategy together


Use cases

In order to work data-driven, we first have to look for the hidden data opportunities in your organization together. In co-creation, we develop a data strategy that answers the following main questions: 

  1. Which business problem needs to be solved?
  2. Why do we have to solve this problem? What will it bring us?
  3. What data do we need to answer our questions?
  4. How do we collect this data?
  5. How are we going to analyze the data?
  6. What software and hardware do we need?


What is the plan of action? What needs to be done to make your organization data-driven and how many years do we expect this to take? What are the short term and long term goals? 

The Datacation team is able to apply the latest algortihms and use different types of data technologies. We are happy to support you in creating the roadmap together successfully. Get in touch immediately.


It is essential to understand the organization and its challenges. The next step is to translate it into the right questions and solutions together. This requires business knowledge, creativity and good cooperation with your experts.

Together we look for the hidden data opportunities of your organization and develop the right use cases. The Datacation team is satisfied only once the use cases are correctly implemented in co-creation.