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Microsoft Power BI and Tableau are interactive data visualization tools that help organizations make data-driven decisions. Both dashboard systems combine data from both internal and external data sources such as ERP and CRM systems, but also from online data sources such as Google Analytics and Facebook. The combined data is displayed in a user-friendly dashboard where the most important KPIs are highlighted. This way, you immediately have access to a user-friendly and professional overview of the performance of your company on a daily basis.

The Datacation team consists of certified Microsoft Power-BI consultants with over three years of working experience in Tableau. In addition, we have developed a number of Power-BI dashboards, for example one for ING Group N.V.

Do you need help monitoring and improving your business processes in PowerBI or Tableau? Contact the Datacation team!

Dashboards reduce manual and repetitive work

Dashboards provide faster and live insights into existing processes

Dashboards make it easier to measure KPIs and steer the organization in the right direction