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Case True Asset Fund II


True Asset Fund II is a fund active in the investment funds industry in financial assets. The fund mainly invests in cryptocurrencies and supports individuals in realizing their investment wishes.

An investment institution must comply with the correct European legislation and regulations. As of January 1, 2018, the European Union requires investment funds offering 'packaged retail and insurance-based investment products' (PRIIPs) to be able to present a key information document (KID) to their retail clients. The KID is a legal document intended to inform investors of their potential investment and enable them to easily compare different investment opportunities.

The KID should include a summary risk indicator (SRI), performance scenarios and a cost analysis. These three analyzes are based on a number of complicated mathematical formulas. The Datacation team has backgrounds in mathematics and econometrics and is therefore specialized in performing these calculations. The minuterates of 300 crypto currencies were retrieved via Binance's APIs and this data was then analyzed in Python.

The Datacation team produced a three-page report containing a summary risk indicator, four performance scenarios and a cost analysis. The KID has been approved by the AFM. In this way, investors are well informed in advance when they are going to invest in True Asset Fund II.